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CALAIS Winery,
french winery in Dallas Texas

By Wine lovers for Wine lovers

Ambassador Cellar was created by a group of wine lovers from France and the US.

Each month, we will have a limited quantity of quality hard to find wines available to our members.

Take a minute to register, you won't regret it.

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Best of Old & New World
at their very best price

Each month we will feature one or two winemakers. We select those winemakers based upon the quality and consistency of the winemaker.

After that, we work with the winemaker to ensure the best deal possible on its wine.

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Access to hard to find jewels

You will get access to some wines that are not widely available to the public.

We leverage our long time established relationships to get allocation of very hard to find wines.

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Follow winemakers
year after year.

Each year we will feature the winemakers that you liked the year before and introduce some new "Winemaking Stars".

If you know a winemaker that you want us to feature, send us an email.

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